Pipe Freezing Repair Method

Pipe Freezing Repair Method for Commercial & Industrial Clients

Pipe Freezing Repair Method

When you have a commercial, industrial, or multi-story residential building, it can sometimes be impractical to shut off the water to make plumbing pipe repairs. In these instances, it makes sense to use the pipe freezing repair method to stop the flow of water while the repairs are being performed. By leaving the water on, the unaffected areas of your building will still receive water service during the plumbing repair.

Generally, when pipes are repaired, the leak is located and we turn off water at the shutoff valve. In large commercial, industrial, and multi-story apartment buildings, this is not always the realistic option. If a valve is broken, another valve may have to be utilized. Sometimes plumbers can’t find the shutoff valves or, if inoperable, a large section and sometimes the entire building may be left without water for a period of time.

Once the water is off, the lines are drained. We cut out the section of pipe and replace it with a new piece of pipe. When the repair is finished, water service is restored and the repaired section of the pipe is tested for leaks.

We have the expertise and technology for commercial pipe freezing. There are some instances where the traditional method of pipe repair is not feasible as many companies cannot operate without water – it can severely inconvenience staff and decrease productivity, and in the case of an apartment complex, it can put residents at risk who might require constant water service due to medical needs.

In many circumstances, pipe freezing is the only solution. It involves the use of a special plumbing kit that has freeze heads and uses either CO2 or another type of refrigerant to create a small ice block in the pipe, which stops the water from flowing. During large repairs, a shutoff valve may be installed just beyond the ice plug in order to stop the flow of water. This generally occurs when the repair is going to last beyond the ice plug’s useful life.

Once the flow of water has stopped to the pipe, the repair takes place as normal. If only the ice plug was used to stop the flow of water, it will melt after a short period of time and water service is automatically restored to the affected pipes. If a shutoff valve was installed, we simply open the valve to restore water service and check for additional leaks.

We have the experience and equipment to repair pipes using this method. It can save thousands of dollars in “down time” and the normal nuisance of dealing without water for long periods of time. Please call us to learn more about how we can help you when needed.

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