Water Stop Repairs

Water Stop Repair & Maintenance

Water Stop Repairs

A small round metal box, known as a water stop box or curb stop, is located outside between the water main and your home or business. It is usually set into or very near the sidewalk. A cast-iron pipe is installed vertically underground and covered with a lid, which provides access to a water cut-off valve between MUD’s (Municipal Utilities District) water supply and your home. This is to provide water shut-off to your property in case of an emergency.

Like most other parts of your property, your water stop box may need to be maintained and repaired. Lack of proper maintenance for your water stop box could even lead to legal liability. You as the property owner are legally required to keep the top of your box flush with the sidewalk or ground. If your stop box is not kept flush with the ground, it creates a hazardous safety condition that opens you up to legal liability.

Signs your water stop box needs service

  • 👉If you notice water accumulate in or near your yard or sidewalk to form a sinkhole
  • 👉There is a water usage drop that affects your meter reading (monitored by MUD). MUD can send someone to find out if your stop box or water line leaks, but once they have confirmed the issue is the stop box, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to fix it.

Potential repairs to your water stop box

  • 👉Inoperative valve
  • 👉Valve too low or too high
  • 👉Housing bent so the key won’t go into valve
  • 👉Valve located under something like concrete and not readily accessible
  • 👉Rod unable to connect to valve

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